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Coercion refers to the use of force, threats, or manipulation to compel someone to act against their will or better judgment. It’s like exerting pressure or control over another person, depriving them of their autonomy or freedom of choice. Imagine it as a form of undue influence that induces compliance through fear, intimidation, or deceit.

When coercion occurs, individuals may feel coerced into taking actions or making decisions that go against their desires or interests. It could involve coercion in relationships, where one party exerts dominance or control over the other, coercion in the workplace, where employees feel compelled to comply with unreasonable demands or coercion in society, where individuals are coerced into conforming to societal norms or expectations. Coercion undermines autonomy and trust. It erodes the foundations of healthy relationships, and fosters resentment and discontent.

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